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The Chain Bridge (Széchenyi Bridge) is one of the most popular free sights in Budapest among tourists. It was the first bridge over the Danube in Budapest in 1849. Until then Buda and Pest were two separate cities. Linked by the Chain Bridge, Buda and Pest were united in 1872 to form the great city of Budapest.

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The Hungarian Count István Széchenyi had the idea of building a bridge in the centre of Budapest over the Danube. Not an easy project in the 19th century, the Danube is over 400 metres wide here. Between 1839 and 1849 the Chain Bridge was finally built. In Hungarian the bridge in honour of the builder is still called István Széchenyi Bridge today.

chain bridge Budapest

The Chain Bridge Budapest is a suspension bridge. Two gigantic piers stand in the Danube. The bridge is held by chains, hence the name chain bridge. Twice the Chain Bridge was fundamentally rebuilt. In 1915 it was extended. Since the Germans blew up all Danube bridges when leaving Budapest in 1945, the Chain Bridge also had to be rebuilt after World War II. This was completed in 1949. Since then the Chain Bridge in the centre of Budapest looks like it does today.

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The Chain Bridge is still one of the most important of the 11 Danube bridges in Budapest. Above all, its location in the centre of the city makes it so important. There is hardly a tourist who does not even cross the Chain Bridge. Many use the cable car to the Budapest Castle, the valley station is only about 100 meters away from the famous bridge. The Chain Bridge is not only a great sight, but also the symbol of Budapest.


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