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The metro (underground) of Budapest is the only metro system in Hungary. It is one of the oldest subways in the world, only the subways of London and Liverpool are even older. Currently the system consists of 4 lines, a 5th line is planned. The Metro Budapest network is about 40 km long (compared to Berlin 140 km). There are 52 stations on all 4 lines together. So it is not a gigantic underground. However, many of the important sights can be reached by metro in Budapest.

History Budapest Metro

The short line M1 was already opened in 1896, as the 3rd underground in the world. It was the great time of Hungary, at that time the country was comparatively rich. Line 1 is only 4.4 kilometers long.

The modern line 2 and line 3 were built during the socialism in the 60s and 79s. All 3 old lines meet in the city centre at Deák Ferenc Tér. So from this place you can use the metro in 6 directions.

The new line 4 runs from the big station Keleti pu to the southwest of the city. Opening was in 2014.

Tickets and prices

You can find an overview of tickets and prices on our Budapest public transport page.

Another line (line 5) is in planning. There are also plans to extend existing lines. Besides the metro, Budapest also has above-ground trains that are integrated into the local transport system.

49 of the 52 metro stations are underground. Almost everywhere there are escalators, elevators are not found in all stations. At the central transfer station Deák Ferenc tér there is a small museum about the subway Budapest.

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